Happy Client Buys Maui Home

Aloha from beautiful Maui! As a realtor, my greatest goal is to help my clients navigate the real estate market with ease, whether they are selling or buying. I was humbled and blessed by the kind testimonial of one of my clients who recently purchased a home in Kihei, Hawaii. Thank you, Kathy, and may you enjoy your new place here in paradise! ~Greg Poppy

Greg Poppy Maui


Buyer: Kathy Lewis’ Zilllow Testimonial about Greg Poppy
As a retired Realtor of 22 years, I feel extremely qualified to give absolutely top ratings to Greg Poppy. It is always more difficult for a buyer to be nowhere near the property they are buying. We made our offer while on Maui and it was accepted after a bit of negotiation. Other than the structural inspection we were not again on Maui until a couple of days prior to our final walk-thru.

Greg has been in close contact with us from the first day we met him at an open house. He has a great affinity for attention to detail. He never felt his job was over even after the property closed and another problem arose that needed negotiation with finesse.

There is not a doubt that we would definitely recommend Greg Poppy to anyone wanting to purchase property on Maui. With Greg you will definitely know you have a new friend.

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